Thiruttu Payale 2 produced by AGS entertainment and directed by Susi Ganesan has its core element showcased right from the trailer. Audiences knew what they were getting into but seeing it visually on-screen with some cool technical gimmicks explained in a simple manner and how it affects individual lives is a delight to watch.

Bobby Simha is a cop who is forced to become corrupt at time passes by. But, he’s not a villain but rather a practical guy who loves his wife Amala Paul so much. When he is assigned the job of monitoring calls to find culprits, he uses it to make money but eventually ends up cornered by Prasanna who happens to be a friend of Amala Paul on Facebook. The clash begins between the two that leads to some interesting twists and turns.

The trim and fit looking Bobby Simha is a perfect choice for a police man who does some dark deeds to survive in his profession. It won’t be surprising if he gets more cop roles in the near future. Amala Paul may have looked hot on the posters but in the film she does only what would expected of a housewife with some subtle glamour and beautifully delivers the emotions of a woman who feels lonely all the time.

Director Susi Ganesan deserves credits for bringing the perfect trio of cast on board and out of the three, Prasanna is a clear winner as he picks up the menacing villain role with aplomb. He doesn’t shout threats but is an ethical and technically profound villain which is a rarity in Tamil cinema.

Some of the scenes in Thiruttu Payale 2 standout pretty strong like the one where the three meet but they act as if they don’t know each other which leads to intense dialogs while maintaining the momentum of the narration. The movie’s big strength also lies in the technical standpoint where they done live dubbing which adds to the voyeuristic feel that the filmmaker wanted to convey.

Music director Vidyasagar presents a mellifluous melody song and does an even better task with the racy BGM that keeps the conversations between Prasanna, Bobby Simha engaging. Director Susi Ganesan has conveyed what he wanted to but not without its fair share of issues like a predictable screenplay in the second half and lack of detail to technical stuff such as hacking which happens on the fly.

Thiruttu Payale 2 explores the dark side of internet, social media and it does it in an interesting manner, thanks to the stupendous lead cast and the technical team.

Thumbs Up

·         Immensely good performance by Bobby Simha and Amala Paul’s easy fit in her role

·         Prasanna impresses in a unique villain role after his last venture in Anjathey

·         Background score is one of the best in recent times

Thumbs Down

·         The technical aspects like hacking could have been explained a bit to make it more believable

Verdict – A social message delivered with lots of entertaining moments and hard-hitting dialogs