Tamizh Padam 2 is a Tamil parody film written and directed by C. S. Amudhan produced by S. Sashikanth starring Shiva, Ishwarya Menon in lead roles alongside Sathish with music composed by N. Kannan and cinematography by Gopi Amarnath.

Shiva rejoins in the Police department after a gap to get rid of the dangerous villain Sathish. The cat and mouse game between them forms the crux of the story.

Shiva's presence holds up the show as even his minute expressions are outright funny. His comedy timing is ultimate as he has effortlessly spoofed various characters, politicians and movies. Dialogue delivery and his guts have to appreciated.

Villain Sathish’s role is solid, who gives a tough fight to Shiva. He appears in around 15 getups and perfectly fits to a tee. He taps the humour quotient as well. However, there could have been a small justification to highlight the necessity of his makeovers.

Huge credit goes to director C.S.Amudhan for incorporating plenty of spoof ideas in a neat storyline. Script is simple, yet pretty convincing. Screenplay is packed with care, gripping stuff as the focus is only on entertainment.

Direction is good as Amudhan has implemented his thoughts in such a way which will not hurt any individual in partcular. K.Chandru has adapted the filmmaker’s vision and written dialogues with much respect and his contribution is a big plus to the flow.

Iswarya Menon has played her role well and has pulled off a performance barring any discrepancies. However, a majority of the portions she appears in slows down the progression of the story along with unwanted songs in the first half and few boring romantic scenes. Although her presence was limited, they acted as speed-breakers.

Co-artists namely Chetan and Kalairani have supported the movie strongly. Many unknown actors have also done a very good job to elevate the substance. Above all, situations are the key here and ensures the fun element to be present at regular intervals.

Disha Pandey has a tiny role, but considering the fact that her role takes the story forward, she isn’t a disappointment. Santhana Barathi, Sundarrajan and Mano Bala who are Shiva’s friends fail to deliver a big impact.

N.Kannan’s songs are worth listening to and are apt for the situations in the plot. Especially ‘En Nadanam’ at the end is a rage and the hero introduction song is befitting. He has worked with full sincerity for the background music and enlightens the mood. However, the song placements are a little inappropriate and Kasturi’s item number is needless.

Gopi Amarnath’s camera work is rich with quality effort from his team. T.S.Suresh’s editing is also a reason for the movie’s engagement, but the overall duration could have been lesser to make the experience better. Art direction stands as the pillar to improve the authenticity of many scenes.

Sathish’s villain character is not properly explored, though he is impressive with his looks and performance. There could have been a better depth to his role, and criminal activities he engages in.

Logic mistakes do exist, but for the genre, we can leave them aside without looking into it deeply. The movie is also predictable with no big twists and turns. Repeating the Irudhi Suttru element thrice was a bore.

There are countless number of memorable laugh out loud moments in the movie. Actors, directors, movies, politicians and even few famous TV series have been spoofed without any bias as us mentioning them would spoil the surprise for all of you who are yet to watch the movie. 

Film is indeed a crowd-pleasing stress-buster. But, there are few dull moments in between, which kind of stagnates the pace. In addition, there are some portions that make us sit idle.

Thumbs Up

Shiva’s presence and comedy timing

Sathish’s variety of get-ups

Music and background score

C.S.Amudhan’s superb wacky ideas

Thumbs Down

Bad choice of song placements

Heroine's role and her sluggish portions