Produced by Stone Bench Films, Meyaadha Maan created some hype among youngsters with its catchy trailer. Besides, with director Karthik Subburaj in the production side and a strong technical team, it could have been a much better ride but the movie falls flat right from the start.

Director Rathna Kumar hasn’t penned a strong script and when there’s no story which was evident from the start, the movie should have focused on interesting screenplay to succeed. But, Meyaadha Maan relies largely on the couple of witty one-liners that evokes a chuckle among the audience but that’s it.

Vaibhav is Idhayam Murali who doesn’t reveal his love on Madhumitha, played by Priya Bhavani Shankar for more than three years. His friends Vivek Prasanna and Arun Prasath tries to bring him out his one-sided depression created by a failed love. Meanwhile, his sister Indhuja falls in love with his friend Vivek and thus begins a parallel track.

As with any other generic Tamil movie, it’s child’s play for a seasoned movie goer to guess that the couples are eventually going to end up in marriage in the climax. There’s plenty of TASMAC drinking scenes, a hero with no self-respect and job while a posh heroine who eventually falls for the man who hardly did anything for her.

If you look for logic loopholes and a non-interesting narration, Meyadha Maan has plenty of it. However, the cast has done an excellent task of carrying their roles. Vaibhav looks and acts like a youngster from a lower middle background. His dialog delivery and comedy timing when paired with Vivek’s natural presence throughout the movie is well-executed.

For Priya Bhavani Shankar, she couldn’t have asked for a better debut as the role perfectly fits her and she carries it with grace. Another notable performance comes from Indhuja as the hero’s sister who fares well in almost every scene.

Cinematography by Vidhu Ayyanna delivers whatever is expected whereas it’s tough to believe that music by Pradeep Kumar, Santhosh Narayan could be so incompetent. The background score is nowhere to be felt even in the most emotional scenes while songs are plain dialogs that has no tunes attached to it.

Meyadha Maan has its moments here and there with a good cast but for Karthik Subburaj’s maiden venture in Stone Bench banner, it’s a big slip in terms of choice of scripts. Director Rathna Kumar should come up with something more impressive next time around.

Thumbs Up

· Vaibhav is a cool choice as his natural acting style easily suits every scene

· Priya Bhavani Shankar gets a solid debut and the same goes for Indhuja as well ·

Comedy one-liners even though very less work out in bits and pieces

Thumbs Down

· Lack of solid story

· Very sloppy screenplay that throws characters and emotions all over. It tries to be a love story, a brother-sister bond and also about friendship all at once

· Below average background score and completely unwarranted songs

· More than 2 hours of run time for a non-existent storyline doesn’t justify the time spent in theaters

Verdict – Sloppy storyline with easy to forget characters and lack of emotions make Meyadha Maan a very tedious watch