Kolamaavu Kokila (aka) CoCo is a Tamil comedy film written and directed by Nelson Dilipkumar and produced by Lyca Productions. Kolamaavu Kokila film stars Nayanthara in the lead role.

In a critical family situation, Nayanthara becomes a drug peddler who tries to secretly transport a big amount of drug powder for money. Her family is also involved in this criminal act. What happens in the process and where it all ends, forms the remaining story of the movie Kolamaavu Kokila.

First and foremost, a huge salute to Nayanthara for accepting to act as a comedian’s love interest. She has underplayed superbly with innocent face reactions, suitable dressing, hairstyle, and of course with some mass moments. Yogi Babu is a solid entertainer to the flow, his humor and one-line counters create frequent laughter moments. Saranya Ponvannan gets a vital role to play and she effortlessly strikes gold with it. Supporting artists list is huge, some of them are impressive and some aren’t. Mottai Rajendran and Smile Settai Anbu have done well with humor.

In Kolamaavu Kokila, Director Nelson has attempted something different and the outcome proves that he has worked so hard in paperwork to convert this differently conceptualized script into a believable mainstream product. The base story of the movie Kolamaavu Kokila is the usual sentiment one, but the character layout is unique and the situations are packed in a very decent manner. Dialogues are quirky, black comedy jokes fall flat but overall the writing suits the genre. The screenplay is definitely engaging as the flow contains many laughter elements, but on the whole, the feeling is mixed as initially the story takes time to pick up and towards the end, it is stretched.

Anirudh’s music stands tall as the pillar of strength for this film, his songs have given the reach, they are enjoyable along with the progression too. His background music plays a key role here, each and every scene is elevated to its top place by the youngster’s attractive score. Cinematographer Sivakumar Vijayan has literally rocked in his job, he sets the perfect tone and mood right from the beginning. The visual experience is so refreshing, though the lighting pattern offers us traces of Naanum Rowdy Dhaan.

Nirmal’s editing is convincing but the film would have been crisper and a few scenes could cut-shortened. Art direction has brought in the much-needed authenticity to the required fields. The technical team is very powerful and it proves that the production value is rich. Stunts are quite raw and realistic, hence the crucial scenes make us evolve with complete commitment.

An artist with the screen name Tony has done a good job. The soundtrack used when Nayanthara handles the gun is so unique. There are few logic loopholes to bring in the cinematic liberty. Humour is tried during some serious situations which could have been avoided to hold up the intensity. The base could have been established in a better manner and in a short span too. 15mins at the end is needlessly dragged and could have been cut to increase the engagement.

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