Julie 2 is a Raai Laxmi show all the way where director Deepak Shivdasani takes back stage because of the story that keeps drifting from a melodramatic story of an aspiring actress to a crime thriller and then to an exotic sizzler with glamorous scenes.

When Raai Laxmi signed up for the movie, she possibly knew almost the entire movie should be shouldered by her and the story is about an actress who wants to be noticed in the dazzling film industry where casting couch has become so common. The movie allows her to perform and also show the dark side of cinema which makes it a great platform for her.

The movie doesn’t waste any time to establish its premise right from the title card because it shows an ultra-glamorous heroine dancing to a number and then slowly drifts off into something of a storyline. But, not before a very pathetic robbery sequence and adding in a police officer to the case who wants to know everything about the star including her escapades with different men in her life.

While director Deepak starts off with a very melodramatic sequence of how difficult it is to be a woman especially in the film industry, he suddenly converts her into a sexy vixen in the second half and assassinates the character that was built right from the start. Later during the run time, Raai Laxmi’s character finds solace in Jesus and audience should put up with a very preachy series of dialogs including how she is a good woman, turned bad because of all the men who mis-treated her.

The movie has presented itself as an erotic thriller but at the same time it doesn’t stick to the same genre because a lot of scenes are designed to make sure Julie is loved by one and all, her innocence and why men only want her body but not her heart!

For Raai Laxmi, Julie 2 is a massive upgrade as she has the charisma and looks to carry a role single handedly for the 2 hour run time. She doesn’t rely on glamor all the time because her performance and the strong acting skills in specific scenes keeps it engaging. The supporting cast and the different evil men are kind of stereotypes possibly depicting the real world situation and doesn’t have much to deliver.

Julie 2 is a movie which Raai Laxmi’s performance and abundant glamor couldn’t save because of the lackluster script and the extremely wavering genre it belongs to.

Thumbs Up

·         A sultry and glamourous Raai Laxmi who does impressive performance whenever possible

·         Some of the fast beat songs and camera work is laudable

Thumbs Down

·         Everything else

Verdict – An exotic and melodramatic revenge story which starts testing your patience towards the end