Set in the premises of social media and how people have grown to be fond of sharing every controversial news, Inayathalam focuses on the voyeuristic habit that people of all age groups have developed recently.

Starring Ganesh Venkatraman, Erode Mahesh and Shweta Menon in the lead cast, Inayathalam is directed by debutant duo Shankar and Suresh. The movie sets the tone and pace right from the first frame when the audiences are introduced to the cyber crime investigation wing within the police department.

When a random stranger Delhi Ganesh is kidnapped and put into a murderous game similar to the one in ‘Saw’, the adrenaline pumping action kicks in. Every time a new user logs in, the person who is being live telecasted in the video will be pushed closer to death. It’s a game that is designed to exploit the power of social media and how cruel the average human being can be.

Playing the role of a cop is kind of a cakewalk for Ganesh Venkatraman who justifies it with his macho looks and stern body language. The authentic police scenario is equally carried out by Erode Mahesh and Swetha Menon as they try to hack into the website using their technical skills. Some of the confusing aspects of hacking, IP address and other things are clearly explained in a particular scene which should be a welcome relief for the average movie goer.

Inayathalam has its best areas where it focuses solely on the investigation. There are no distracting songs and the fight sequences are there only when it is needed. Music by Arrol Corelli is punchy in the background score while camera work and the color tone by Karthik Raja could have been better.

Debutant director Shankar and Suresh have started off with an interesting plot on how social media affects the common man. While the constrained budget of the movie is evident in scenes and the lack of familiar actors in supporting roles sticks out as a sore thumb, Inayathalam makes up for it by being a non-formulaic movie without songs and a tight 2-hour run time making it a decent outing.

Thumbs Up

• Connecting the comments that an average social media user posts everyday to real cyber crime cases is an interesting premise to start off with

• Ganesh Venkatraman and Erode Mahesh are a huge plus for the movie. While Ganesh’s cop role is authentic, Mahesh does it close to real life as a newcomer in the department

• Very tight run time makes sure the audience won’t lose interest till the end

Thumbs Down

• Being on a limited budget, the technical aspects of the film like cinematography and art direction lacks that sometimes hinders the flow of the story.


A strong social message delivered in a convincing action package