Aptly titled as Hara Hara Mahadevaki, the jolly flick couldn’t have had more (A)’s in the title itself. Right from the first look teaser to the extended trailer, the team that worked in the movie ensured that people knew what they were about to watch in theaters.

And, we are glad to say that director Santhosh P Jayakumar has done a stupendous job of keeping up his promise. A wholesome adult entertainer with lots of adult comedy, mildly sexual one liners, references to the LGBT community and tons of simple humor is what keeps the viewers engaged right from the word go.

The director of Hara Hara Mahadevaki should be applauded for touching a sensitive genre that most first timers would shy away from. Thankfully, he didn’t dilute any of the scenes or the dialogs which retains the essence of the adult humor he wrote in the first place. Instead of relying solely on the genre, another brilliant move is to bring all the most popular comedians on board with a handsome lead cast.

Following a non-linear screenplay, the movie collects a series of events that happens in different places and finally brings all the characters together. Gautham Karthik is on his way to meet his now ex-girlfriend Nikki Galrani, along with his friend Sathish. Meanwhile, Ravi Maria assigns Rajendran and Karunakaran to plant a bomb in an election meeting. Bala Saravanan wants to exchange fake notes with real notes and there’s also a missing kid in a resort which is investigated by police officer RK Suresh.

Before you totally lose your mind over the laundry list of characters, it’s wise to watch it on screen because even though there are at least four different storylines happening at the same time, they have been narrated one by one without any confusion at all. When every character meets in the fictional Hara Hara Mahadevaki honeymoon cottage, you guessed it right! It leads to a long climax with bag mixups and lots of chasing sequences.

Gautham Karthik is one handsome young man who has matured immensely. His dialog delivery and emotions are way natural than it used to be. Nikki Galrani on the other hand is gorgeous with the right choice of costumes and does a great job in handling Tamil dialogs effortlessly.

The real heroes of the movie are obviously the bunch load of comedians. If Ravi Maria and Namo Narayanan rock as the politicians, Rajendran with Karunakaran would make you laugh until you couldn’t take any more. Background music by Balamurali Balu suits the theme while cinematography by Selvakumar SK is beautiful, vibrant with rich colors.

Director Santhosh P Jayakumar’s dialogs bring thunderous response in the theaters. If we could keep aside the age-old concept of misplaced bags and a predictable climax, Hara Hara Mahadevaki is a laugh riot in the theaters for the youngsters.

Thumbs Up

·         Gautham Karthik slips through the role with so much ease

·         Nikki Galrani’s presence and expressions support the comedy genre

·         Ravi Maria, Rajendran, Karunakaran, Sathish, Manobala, Bala Saravanan – the comedy cast is endless and guarantee a great time

Thumbs Down

·         A very long, predictable climax

Verdict – Just go watch it with your friends, you are sure to laugh your hearts out