A haunted car... It's unsuspecting owners... A murdered newlywed... A vengeance seeking ghost of a dog... A thoroughly investigative Police officer... What happens when all these come together? Dora is what happens...

Pavalakodi (Nayantara) finds herself in the hospital when she recovers her consciousness. She reflects back to what happens... Vairakannu (Thambi Ramaiah) raises his daughter Pavalakodi to be as bold as a boy and calls her Pavala Paiyya affectionately. After being insulted by his sister when asking to borrow their car, Vairakannu and Pavalakodi decide to buy vitage cars and start a car taxi business of their own. Meanwhile, parallely a newlwed couple move into an apartment but the wife gets murdered by 3 thieves for her jewels. Police officer Harish (Harish Uthaman) is investigating the murder. A car purchased by Pavalakodi behaves abnormally and kills a guy who happens to be one of the murderers. The car looks to be possessed by the ghost of a dog named Dora. Pavalakodi also comes under the suspicion radar of Harish. What will happen next? Why is the car killing the murderers? Who is Dora? How is Pavalakodi connected to the murders? Watch Dora for the answers...

Thumbs Up:

* Nayantara's rocking performance proves yet again why she is considered the Lady Superstar!

* Nayan has dubbed for herself in this movie.

* Thambi Ramaiah and Harish Uthaman are apt for their roles and support Nayan, ably.

* Vivek-Mervin's music is alluring and goes with the flow of the movie.

* The development of knot after knot keeps the viewers guessing and curious as to what would happen next.

Thumbs Down:

* The parallel storylines between the investigation & the happenings in Nayan's life could have been handled better to keep the pace of the movie going.


A gripping mystery that is a must-watch for Nayan fans!