Diya is a horror thriller drama film directed by A. L. Vijay produced under the Lyca Productions banner. Diya movie features Sai Pallavi, Naga Shourya and Veronika Arora in starring roles. 

Diya film starts off showing Sai Pallavi and Naga Shourya as lovers in their college days and one passionate night of love leads to her turning pregnant. We are then shown families of the young couple deciding to abort the child’s birth unbeknownst to Sai Pallavi by sedating her and get her married to Naga Shourya five years later.

Sai Pallavi, now married to Naga Shourya, five years later, is still plagued with memories of her daughter, whom she names as Diya. Unable to erase memories of Diya, Sai Pallavi maintains a book in which she draws sketches of her daughter imagining her at specific ages. 

Soon though, family members of Sai Pallavi and Naga Shourya, who pressured her into abortion end up dead one by one including the doctor who performed the abortion procedure. Although these deaths initially seem to appear as accidents, Sai Pallavi soon begins to decipher they are all supernatural acts and then arrives at a conclusion that it is the spirit of her daughter, hell-bent to seek vengeance. 

The plot of Diya from this point on shifts to Sai Pallavi realizing the ghost has set her sights on her next target. And, it is a race against time for Sai Pallavi from this point on to save that person.

Despite being packaged as a horror thriller centred around a ghost that is out for revenge, director A. L. Vijay falls a wee bit short on making us feel intrigued by the events transpiring in the flow of the narrative.

One of the big advantages Diya has to offer fans is its story packaged in 100 minutes. In addition, Sai Pallavi, who makes her Tamil film debut doesn’t disappoint one bit as she is both earnest and compelling in her performance in tune with the story.

Nirav Shah yet again has proven why he’s one of the most reputed technical talents in Indian cinema with his cinematography which is aptly complimented by Sam CS’s background score, who teases suspense with his music on plenty of occasions.

Despite his best efforts, A. L. Vijay has borrowed repeated norms to showcase horror elements to provide necessary thrills down our spines, which although have a good beginning, just end up falling short of their purpose.

Thumbs Up

Sam CS background score feeds major energy to the story

Sai Pallavi's yearning for her daughter is emotional and takes the film a step forward

Thumbs Down

Not an engaging story

RJ Balaji's character seems unnecessary at several junctures

Climax fails to create an impact