Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 retains the title of a famous Malayalam remake which did well in Kollywood box office. But, director JPR’s version of a completely different movie with the same title desperately tries to be an intense investigation thriller but fails miserably.

Captivating the audience through convincing storytelling and technical aspects that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb is essential for any movie to succeed. This film falls flat especially in the camera front due to lack of budget and a very bad decision to go with an all-night shot.

Any viewer will get annoyed after a point because the lead actors Sarath Kumar and Ramdoss, who are possibly the only two characters on screen simply get lost in the dark in many occasions. Besides, the story borrowed from a Rajesh Kumar novel has been very poorly executed.

Sarath Kumar is an honest cop who takes care of his sister’s kids after she and her husband pass away in an accident 15 years ago. When the city of Coimbatore is suddenly stuffed with cryptic posters about a murder, he begins investigating it. Eventually, the case leads to the three young adults under his care and it is up to him to solve it.

Obviously, the plot which is directly derived from a Rajesh Kumar novel, a novelist known for his kickass crime thrillers will sound great on paper. But, even a veteran actor like Sarath Kumar and cameo roles of Napolean and Suhasini couldn’t save the movie.

Sarath Kumar is just made to play cop roles and he does the part of a mature police man with superb performance. Ramadoss provides the comic relief as his driver while everyone else is plain forgettable.

While there are no songs or heroine in Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 that acts as a saving grace, everything else acts against it. Director JPR delivers a very amateur execution of a movie which lacks with annoyingly dark and low quality camera work, bad background score and characters speak like zombies with a lot of faces who are camera shy.

The production house and director of the movie had so much guts to release such a below average movie on Diwali along with other big budget flicks. It’s easily a bad choice and definitely not the kind of movie one would want to watch and enjoy on a festive occasion.

Thumbs Up

·         Sarath Kumar is the star of the show with great performance and mature delivery

·         The run time at just a little above 90 minutes is a saving grace

Thumbs Down

·         Director JPR disappoints immensely with such amateur filmmaking

·         The background score is plain loud and annoying than helping the story

·         Every last character in the movie is so absurd, pointless and utters dialog with a synthetic tone

·         Bad camera work and it gets really tough to sit through a 90 minute movie which mostly takes place in the night

Verdict – Amateur filmmaking and characterization will test your patience. Not recommended!