When you step into the theater, everyone knows what Baahubali 2 is all about! The film has set its tone, pace and the characters in the first part.

In Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion, director SS Rajamouli further expands the character and storyline of Prabhas, Anushka in the past besides the strong bond they share with Sathyaraj who is better known as Kattappa.

Right from the first time, the entire storyline is unveiled in grandiose manner and it is a treat to watch it in the big screens. Be it Tamil, Telugu or Hindi, the immersive experience and massive set pieces is sure to pull every viewer into the frame. The lead cast, be it Prabhas or Anushka have done their part plausibly while it is the supporting cast who deserves attention. Without Rana Dagupatti’s menacing looks, Nasser’s villainous chuckles or Sathyaraj’s dedication, the kingdom Rajamouli envisioned wouldn’t be complete.

Epic wars once again form the base for Baahubali 2 with few comedies and romance strewn all over the movie. There are moments of goosebumps while some are tailormade for Prabhas fans in Telugu that Tamil audiences may not totally connect with. While the flashback story has been given all the attention it needs, a more screen space and war sequences for the present storyline would have better. Maybe, they could have introduced Sudeep in a cameo with his army to help!

Dialogs are taut and makes great moments out of almost every scene. However, despite all the amazing aspects of the movie, the songs don’t grab your attention and the background music goes mediocre in some places. The run time is sure to be the most talked about negative aspect of the film but the story nearly demands the time to sketch out the characters in a proper manner.

Epic battles. Engaging storyline. Memorable characters and great set pieces. Everything that you would have expected from Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion is there and a movie that is definitely best experience in theaters.

Thumbs Up

• Choice of cast, be it Prabhas, Anushka or Sathyaraj makes the world of Magizhmadhi more believable with its grand setup.

• Exceptionally well done action sequences and war scenes are sure to be a milestone for every other fantasy movie to come in the years.

• The way dialogs are penned bring the story to life.

• Art direction, graphics and the technical department stand tall in Baahubali 2

Thumbs Down

• Songs are hardly desirable for the masses and so is the BGM which is quite disappointing in some important scenes

• The run time of the movie is pretty long. A few not-so-important scenes removed here and there could definitely make the screenplay tight.


A grand epic saga showcased in the most cinematic way possible. Baahubali 2 delivers as promised!