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Review - Panivizhum Malarvanam (2014)

Panivizhum Malarvanam [ February 27, 2014 ]
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Coming from CTN Productions and RayMax Media, Panivizhum Malarvanam is a Maruthi Nandan presentation.

A young girl Kavya (Saniya) and a boy Tarun (Abhilash) come across each other and fall in love head over heels. They decide on being life partners and are inseparable at heart. However, the girl's parents have a different plan in mind for their daughter. They are dead against their girl being with the guy of her choice. With no other option, the couple take off from their hometown. The only person in the girl's house who cares for her is her sister-in-law. She follows the couple when they take off. After a lot of thought, the couple decide to move into a jungle to spend the rest of their lives there without the interference of anybody else. Unfortunately, they come across a band of dreaded poachers and smugglers who are looting the forest's flora and fauna, illegally and ruthlessly. At this juncture, everybody comes to know of a man-eating tiger on the loose, within the forest. Will the young couple escape the clutches of the group of evil men? Will the man-eater spare anybody at all? Who will have the last say in a war that is raging on between man and nature? Watch Panivizhum Malarvanam on the big screens to know!

Director Jam David has taken a breezy romantic story and infused a very strong social message and made a very good movie. The newcomers Abhilash and Saniya have done a good job. The supporting cast of Jagan, Varsha and Baba Laxmanan have played their parts perfectly, and provide a good foil to the lead. The highlight of the movie is the presence of the Tiger, which as one of the major characters in a movie, makes it a first of sorts for a Tamil movie. It is to be noted that the tiger is a veteran star, as it has already appeared in Hollywood movies like Hangover and We Bought a Zoo. Raj's music is good and cinematography by Ragav of Jananam fame is absolutely wonderful. The sequences of the lush green locales is a visual treat. The news that over 2 years of research was done by the team before the movie went on floors is interesting. The CG is also very pleasing to the eyes and makes for some good viewing. A little more tautness to the screenplay would have added greatly to the movie. The second half is racy and the speed picks up as the movie moves towards the climax. The social message in the movie is a must for current times.

If you want to watch a romantic entertainer with adventure and a social message along with some good technical values, head over to watch Panivizhum Malarvanam!