In the earlier released promo of Bigg Boss, we saw Balaji Murugadoss and Sanam Shetty getting involved in a heated argument that looked to have gone out of control. Both of them shouted at each other while the other housemates tried to calm them down and sort the problems out. Things have not been great between Balaji and Sanam ever since the beginning of the program and we've witnessed them argue on various instances. However, this one looked very nasty and serious. We will have to wait until the night to know what exactly happened and who is at fault.

That being said, Vijay TV has now released the third promo of tonight's episode and this promo focusses on an argument between Aari and Samyuktha. As we already know, Samyuktha is this week's Captain of the house and she needs to assure that everything happens as per the plan. She requests Aari to clean the house as he is part of that team, however, Aari feels that Sam is being biased and accuses her of being supportive to Gabriella and Archana. Samyuktha gets pissed with Aari's allegations and leaves the place.

Aari has slowly started his game after noticing everyone and is coming out with his bold statements against each and everyone. Aari's honest words have also received a good reception from the audience. Going by this promo, it looks like the audience are going to witness two heated arguments, one between Balaji and Sanam and the other between Aari and Samyuktha. RJ Suchi entered as a wildcard contestant last night and we will have to wait and see if she will bring any change inside the house. Stay tuned. For now, check out the newly released promo here: