Balaji Murugadoss is now a well-known household name after his participation in the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil. Balaji’s strategic game plan and straightforward character have left an impact among the viewers and he has got a good fan base. There have also been some mixed and negative reactions to his arrogant attitude and those who have been following the show regularly would know about it. During the initial days of the show, Balaji shared the dark past of his childhood life where he was brutally attacked and abused by his own parents.

His real-life story created a huge impact and made people emotional. However, a few days later, a video of him having a beer bath went viral on social media, and people were shocked to see this side of him. This created confusion among the people about his character and background. Popular event manager Joe Michael shared some unknown details about Balaji, adding that he was under police custody for a day for ‘drunk & drive’.

Talking about the incident, Joe Michael said, “Balaji and his friend were drunk and they crashed with a Swiggy delivery guy while driving under the influence of alcohol. Balaji was in police custody at the R4 Police Station for 1.5 days and all these records are there in the official documents. So, I myself am confused about the truth and reality of his life,”.

However, Joe Michael said that Balaji understands the game and plays to his strengths. “Balaji knows how to proceed with the game. He plays it perfectly. Whoever is strong, he associates himself with them. He tries to strike a balance with Shivani because he knows that she owns a page of close to 2 million followers. He knows where and when to play his game,”.

Balaji is already said to be one of the contenders for being a finalist of this season. Balaji’s fate inside the house will be decided upon how he plays the game in the next few weeks. As there are two sides to a coin, we may have to wait for Balaji Murugadoss to come out of the Bigg Boss house to give clarification regarding these incidents. With a good reception, we can expect Balaji to venture into movies and he seems to have already attracted a lot of notable Tamil filmmakers. Follow the link below to catch the full interview of Joe Michael who talks about Balaji Murugadoss and other contestants of this season. Check out: