In a shocking incident, a theatre owner shot two persons on Monday at Palani in Dindigul district, leaving them both seriously injured, with visuals from a nearby CCTV camera capturing the entire shootout. One Mr. Elangovan, a farmer hailing from Akkaraipatti village near Dindigul, has 12 cents vacant land in Appar Street, which is a residential area at Palani. There was a long-pending dispute between Elangovan and theatre-owner Natarajan over this landstrip. The two had approached a court a few years ago, with the judgement coming out in favour of Ilangovan. However, Natarajan, the owner of Valluvar Theatre has since approached a higher court for an appeal in the property case. This being the scenario, Elangovan attempted to arrange a fence for his land on Monday morning. Shortly thereafter, Natarajan tried to prevent him from making those arrangements and a verbal duel ensued between the two. 

Meanwhile, Palanisami and Subramaniam, relatives of Elangovan, tried to intervene in order to broker reconciliation. As the discussion soon turned into an argument, Natarajan took out a revolver and shot both Palaniswami and Subramaniam. CCTV camera footage has shown that Palanisami sustained injuries on his hip, while Subramaniam got wounded on his thigh during the confrontation. After shooting them both, Natarajan tried to fire at another random elderly passerby, who attempted to dislodge the gun from his hand by throwing stones at him. In the melee, Natarajan, who drew his gun out, managed to escape from the scene. Natarajan was shortly thereafter arrested by the police and his weapon was seized. It was revealed during the investigation that Natarajan possessed the firearm after getting a license. 

The public that had witnessed the gory incident rushed the two injured to a nearby hospital, where treatment is being provided to them. The two have been revealed to be out of danger, with a bullet being removed from Palanisamy's waist. Subramani, on the other hand, had to be shifted to the Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai as he suffered deep injuries. The entire incident was captured on a nearby CCTV camera and has left many in a state of shock. Below is the CCTV footage capturing the entire incident: