Yesterday (November 14th), marked one of India's most widely celebrated festivals - Deepavali! This festival of lights was rather subdued with the shadow of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, still looming large. Many state governments had banned the sale and bursting of fireworks, to avoid air pollution and also the spread of the Corona Virus. For all such festivals and celebrations, political leaders and prominent celebrities wish their fans and all people in general, through their social media posts. Following in this tradition, the Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohli had also posted a tweet, wishing everybody for Deepavali!

Virat Kohli had posted a tweet on his official handle with a short video. In the video, he wished everybody for Deepavali and went on to ask everybody not to burst fireworks but celebrate the festival simply with lights and with family members. He had asked people to not burst crackers to protect the environment. The Delhi government had already banned the sale and bursting of crackers but the people of Haryana and Punjab were allowed to burst crackers for 2 hours in the day. However, Kohli's request to people to not burst crackers, seems to have not gone down well with many people. 

Responding to Kohli's tweet, many people trolled his message. There were people who blamed Kohli for damaging the environment with the fleet of luxury cars that he owns. People stated that these vehicles consume insane levels of fuel and damage the environment more than the crackers. Some people went on to state that the game of cricket required many trees to be cut down for the grounds in which it is played and told that Kohli's very profession was hurting the environment. There were some complaints that Kohli did not mind when people burst crackers to celebrate his wife Anushka's movies and performances. There were also some people who mentioned that Kohli was being biased and asked people to refrain from crackers but did not state anything when hundreds if thousands of animals were being slaughtered for some festivals. Kohli and the rest of the Indian squad are currently in quarantine in Australia, ahead of their full series.

Check out Kohli's tweet and some responses for it: