All the leading Indian Cricket players just finished playing the world's most popular Twenty 20 league - the Indian Premier League (IPL) and those selected for the Australian tour, arrived in the country a couple of days back! As per the COVID-19 guidelines, the squad has been placed under quarantine, in Sydney. Now, a shocking news has come to light! A plane has crashed in the vicinity of the area, where the Indian squad is currently staying at. Reports state that a light plane crashed at a sporting field about 30 kilometres away from the Sydney Olympic Park, where the Indian Cricket Team is currently quarantined at. The plane crashed at Cromer Park.

Local cricketers and football players were playing at the Cromer Park on Saturday, when the plane crashed in the sporting field. Thankfully, none of the players were injured in the crash. Reports state that cricket and football matches were underway, when the crash happened. The place is said to have just missed a sporting shed by a small margin of a few meters. Players are said to have ran out of harm's way, as soon as they saw the plane approaching. Greg Rollins, the Senior Vice President of the Cromer Cricket Club was quoted as telling the media, "I yelled out to the guys in the shed, I just said run. They started running. The plane started to smoke and I thought we had to get these guys out."

Rollins added, "The plane looked like it was going to blow up. The victims were still conscious but they were not in a good way. One guy, his face wasn't good. They hit hard enough to do a lot of damage but they're alive, that's the main thing." People in the vicinity state that the pilot took a lot of efforts to ensure that the plane missed the shed or it would have resulted in a lot of casualties. Thankfully, the two occupants of the plane survived the crash. It is being said that the plane belonged to a nearby flying school and that technical issues with some equipment lead to the crash. It is indeed fortunate that nobody was injured in this unfortunate incident!