Now that the Diwali weekend has ended, the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil will have an eviction this weekend and we saw a glimpse of the nominations of this weekend. As per the first released promo of tonight's episode, Suchitra, Anitha Sampath, Aari and Balaji Murugadoss have received the most number of nominations and these four are definitely going to be a part of the eviction process. We will have to wait for tonight's full episode to know the complete list of housemates who will be in this week's eviction process. Among the four, either Anitha or Suchitra are most likely to come out this week as both of them have not earned much support from the people.

Having said that, the second promo for tonight's episode has been released by Vijay TV and in this promo, we see Bigg Boss revealing the major reasons cited by housemates to nominate the unfit contestant. In that way, Bigg Boss brings to light, Aari's reasoning for nominating Balaji. Aari had told that Balaji is being influenced and misguided because of love, hinting about his relationship with Shivani. The duo has been spending time together inside the house for the last two weeks. Not just the people outside the house, even a section of the housemates doubt if there is something going on between Balaji and Shivani.

In the newly released promo, we see Balaji warning every single housemate that he'd react in a different manner if he hears any linkup stories with Shivani in the coming days. Towards the end of the promo, he also goes to Shivani and clarifies that he does not love her, right now. However, he also adds that he will inform her if he develops a feeling for her. Shivani is seen clueless about Balaji's reactions. The coming days will tell us if Balaji and Shivani really have feelings for each other. It looks like tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil is going to be very interesting. Check out the newly released promo here: