Popular Tamil film financier Anbuchezhian plays a key role in the Tamil film industry and is known to bankroll a number of films either as his own production ventures or by distribution under his Gopuram Films banner. Now, Anbuchezhian's daughter Sushmitha has also decided to follow her father’s footsteps in the film industry and has opened a new three-screen multiplex in Madurai called Gopuram Cinemas. Sushmitha is a MBA post-graduate and is the proprietrix of the new state-of-the-art theatre complex. 

The newly-opened three-screen Gopuram Cinemas began showing the new Tamil film releases that came out this Diwali. Sushmitha has stated that she is venturing into opening more such multiplexes across Tamil Nadu. She also revealed that she plans to convert the popular Raj Theatre in Saidapet, Chennai into a six-screen multiplex soon. Furthermore, Sushmitha has expressed her desire to enter production of standard films and is already holding discussions with some leading actors in Tamil cinema. She added that she started Gopuram Cinemas in order to provide entertainment to the people of Madurai, with all safety measures intact, inclusive of world-class facilities in the multiplex. 

Gopuram Cinemas, which is soon set to become yet another leading theatre chain in Tamil Nadu, is a 1000-seater theatre equipped with the latest in the media technology, with 3D projection systems enhanced colour rendition on Harkness Clarus micro perforation Silver screens coupled with the prowess of 4K Flagship Laser projectors projection from Barco and also includes the powerful sound of Dolby Atmos equipped with 4-way speakers. The lobby of the cinema complex has been created with cutting-edge technology video walls with world class interiors. On the occasion of the launch of Gopuram Cinemas, a special video showing the vast amenities has been released for movie lovers and film aficionados in Madurai. Based on the plush services in this new theatre complex, we can expect such efforts to expand once the other planned multiplexes across Tamil Nadu are opened. 

Watch the grand opening of Sushmita Anbuchezhian's Gopuram Cinemas, Madurai below: