Actress Vijayalakshmi recently attempted suicide by consuming excessive BP tablets and the news took everyone by deep shock. She confessed in her video statement that Seeman and his party members have caused the stress and mental depression that made her decide to end her life. Fortunately, she was saved by popular dance choreographer and politician, Gayathri Raghuram, who admitted her to a private hospital in Chennai. Earlier this morning, there were news reports that Vijayalakshmi’s health condition has worsened and is critical.

Following that, it has now been revealed that Vijayalakshmi has been forcefully discharged from the hospital without any prior notice. She hasn’t fully recovered yet, but the hospital management has discharged her due to various unknown reasons. After coming out of the hospital, Vijayalakshmi addressed the press and media and opened up about the issue. She sounded very low and depressed, while talking. She said, “My health condition is not stable and I’m yet to be fully recovered, but they have thrown me out of the hospital. Going forward, I am going to believe only in the media and no one else. They (hospital management) told me not to inform the media about the sudden discharge, but I said I will because I don’t have any other choice.

This morning, my BP level increased and I was unable to breathe. I collapsed and fell unconscious. This news was reported by all the medias. After knowing about this, the hospital management was pressured and influenced to discharge me from the premises. I really do not know what to do now. I’m just asking you all one question. How bad would it be when someone calls you a prostitute? I was completely depressed and cornered by Seeman and his party members. I’m still having breathing difficulties.

Everyone is cheating me and I have lost faith. All of them are making a fool out of me. Going forward, I am going to address and tell the media about each and every single move of mine in this issue. They threw me out of the hospital now, but who will take responsibility when I am dead? Is a human life that normal and casual to let go off? They (Seeman and others) are not even allowing me to get treatment properly. Don’t ever think of this as a drama. I am helpless and that is why I stand in front of media to demand justice.

There is no DMK, Congress or BJP behind this. I am all alone. Gayathri Raghuram only helped me to get admitted and paid my bills, but she wasn’t here now for my discharge. With Seeman’s influence, they discharged me in the middle of the treatment. What is the necessity to discharge me? Seeman maintaining silence in this issue is not an answer. He should come out and talk about it.