Pa Ranjith's Natchathiram Nagargiradhu which hit the screens recently has opened to a positive response from the film buffs and the film has obviously lead to several discussions and debates on social media. Pa Ranjith, before the release of the film, had stated that the film would make people talk and discuss about the film and the purpose seems to have been served. The film stars Dushara Vijayan, Kalidas Jayaram, and Kalaiyarasan in the lead roles. The performances of all the three leads have been impressive, but Dushara has been the standout performer and majority of the audience reviews also say the same.

Dushara Vijayan who made her Tamil cinema debut with Ranjith's Sarpatta Parambarai, has delivered a terrific performance as Rene, an independent and self made woman, following the ideologies of Ambedkar. Ranjith is known for creating strong and memorable characters and on that aspect, Rene will be remembered for a very long time. Not often do we see progressive female lead characters in Tamil cinema and Rene is one such rarity that has happened. Rene is a character that one would need in his/her life. Yes! Rene has some very distinct characteristic features that make her unique and can make a difference to one's life.

Here are some of the points why we feel Rene is a friend that one needs in his/her journey.

FORGIVENESS - Despite Arjun (Kalaiyarasan) misbehaving with her, she forgives him and gives him a second chance. She gives the room and space for people to correct themselves. She also believes political correctness is a steady and long process and doesn't happen in a single day. She is here to create a healthy surrounding around her and tries to correct people who are ready to.

DOESN'T STAND TOXICITY - Whenever she sees toxicity in the men around her, she gives it back instantly and doesn't accept it, as the mainstream heroines do.

SELF-DEPENDENT - She is an independent woman, living by her own terms. She has made a career for herself and doesn't rely upon someone to take life decisions.

CONFIDENT - Rene is confident and bold in any given situation. She doesn't fear situations. Having bold and confident people alongside you will directly or indirectly boost your morale.

COMPASSIONATE - Rene is a compassionate woman who respects the genuine feelings of people standing opposite her. When you have such people around you, your life tends to become more peaceful and calm. Earning compassionate people who understand you cannot afford to be lost.

KNOWLEDGEABLE - Being an avid book reader, Rene has gained knowledge about life and she is someone who is ready to share it with people. Having such knowledgeable people around you will indeed make you a better person.

VIBRANT - Rene is a vibrant character that is full of life and despite so many chaotic incidents happening around her, she chooses happiness and puts up a vibrant front.

READY TO ACCEPT - Rene is ready to accept valuable inputs from others. When Arjun suggests a change in the skit, Rene listens to it and extends her support to Arjun's voice. She also tells him that it was a great suggestion, later. When you have a friend who is ready to accept your thoughts and inputs, provided it makes sense, what else do you want?.

These are some of the points why we feel Rene is an interesting character and one's life would get better and more meaningful with a Rene around. Kudos to Pa Ranjith for creating a character with such a progressive character with uniqueness.