Baradwaj Rangan, the Editor-in-Chief of Galatta Plus, recently interacted with director Pa Ranjith ahead of the release of his next movie, Natchathiram Nagargiradhu, which is hitting the screens on August 31. During the interaction, Ranjith was asked about the success of his films and how people have seen the success of his films. In a surprising manner, Ranjith revealed that people have hesitations in accepting that his films have been successful, citing the example of Superstar Rajinikanth's Kaala. He mentioned that Kaala was commercially successful, yet people did not openly admit it.

Talking about it, he said, "No one here will say that my film is successful. They'd term even a successful Attakathi a sleeper hit. No one will openly admit or agree that my film is a success or a hit. In a public forum, no one will come forward and announce it or agree to it. Probably, Sarpatta is a film that was accepted in that aspect. People said the film would've done really well if it had had a theatrical release. Here, the problem lies in acceptance itself. I can cite the example of Kaala here. Actually, Kaala is a commercially successful film. Had it been any other film made by some other filmmaker, if it collected money, they'd call it a commercial hit.

They decide the success of the film by its box office collection and if that is the case, Kaala is a success. My producer did not face any loss due to Kaala. But, the people here wouldn't agree to it. I have also shot the film in an aesthetic and appealing manner, respecting the art. If you look in that aspect as well, the film can be termed a success. Any film for that matter even if it had nonsense content would be termed as a hit considering its box office collections. Here, there is a problem in calling my film a success or a failure. No one is ready to admit the success or failure of my films. I am seeing this on a fun note and I am waiting for that day when people will openly admit things".