Kamal Haasan's Vikram has taken a stunning opening in cinemas around the world and has left the superstar's fans everywhere satisfied as it marks his return to the big screen after a four-year gap when he was last seen in Vishwaroopam II. The action thriller directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and also starring 'Makkal Selvan' Vijay Sethupathi and Malayalam superstar Fahadh Faasil, followed by Suriya in a striking cameo has left fans debating the story on social media and also praising the performances as well as other aspects about the film. As praises continue to pour in, Kamal Haasan addressed the press on Friday evening about the feedback to Vikram, while also sharing interesting details about the film that were never known to date. 

Speaking to the media persons, Kamal Haasan revealed that Vikram was initially planned to be made towards the end of the 1980s. He stated, "Our first choice of title for Vikram was Hitlist. However, we felt the story was not apt for the time and the film was put on hold for commercial reasons. However, today's director (Lokesh Kanagaraj) felt the story fit the commercial space in the present time and made the film after writing the screenplay in its best form." Talking about the story of Vikram revolving around the drug mafia, Kamal said, "The idea to do a film around this subject first came when I began feeling uncomfortable during the '80s after the drug supply hit the peak. Around 750 kilos were seized here and I came to know about this from reading it in a newspaper." 

Watch Kamal Haasan share many interesting details about Vikram in the video below: