Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 is well into its second month, with fans so far witnessing several controversial incidents among the contestants. The reality show, which is airing on Vijay Television and the streaming platform DisneyPlus Hotstar, has seen five contestant evictions among whom include Nadia Chang, Abishek Raaja, Chinnaponnu, Suruthi and Madhumitha, while Namitha Marimuthu had walked out in the first week. With plenty of drama already between the remaining 13 contestants over the past few days, the latest promo for Bigg Boss 5 released by Vijay TV shows yet another confrontation between Varun and Niroop Nandakumar. 

The third Bigg Boss Tamil 5 promo for Thursday shows a discussion between Varun and Niroop turning awry. It starts off with Varun asking Niroop to show the contents of his water bottle, which the latter refuses. Varun loses his cool and tells Niroop that he is unnecessarily arguing and informs him that he can leave their discussion. We next see Varun getting angry and shouting at Niroop that he should do whatever he tells him to do today. The two then participate in the invisible mirror task where Varun is addressing Niroop to his face, but in reality is a reflection of himself. 

Varun is seen speaking rather haughtily and telling him that there was a time when everyone listened to Niroop, including himself. He asks whether he is a big guy whom nobody can question (Nee enna periya appatakkara?). Varun continues, "Do you think you are a mass character just because you are a tall person? You do what you want to and I'll also do my part." This conversation is no doubt tense and it remains to be seen as to how things turn out between the two in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 5. 

Watch the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 | 18th November 2021 - Promo 3 below: