Thalapathy Vijay has always had political ambition, he even chooses his films keeping his future in mind. During an interview a few years back, Vijay openly admitted that he wants to enter politics and he has started the foundation work for the same. If Vijay wants to become a political leader, he is capable of going big. He has always wanted to do something for the people who love him so much but we will have to see how and what he is going to take the plunge. So will Vijay enter politics has never been a question, when will he is what people need to know? We got in touch with famous Astrologer Balaji Haasan to know more about Vijay’s political career. Know what he said? 
“More than anybody else, Vijay’s fans are eagerly waiting for him to enter politics, but according to my prediction, Vijay will definitely enter politics but not anytime soon. It is impossible for Vijay to venture into politics for at least 10 years from now. But he can create a strong foundation for his political entry from now. Vijay’s fan following will increase by three times between 2025 to 2031, that’s when he will think about his political entry and plan to make moves accordingly. Vijay will soon do more welfare activities for his fans and the general public, he might soon start a school, hospital, provide sports equipment for the needy.”