An actress, who has made appearances in Tamil films and serials, lodged a police complaint against her fiancée, one Rajesh, demanding action against him after recording their intimate moments and threatening her to upload them online. The actress has also stated in her complaint that the man demanded Rs 10 lakh to not proceed with what he said earlier. A case has since been registered against Rajesh, a resident of a southern suburb, by the Thirumangalam all women police, Chennai, under Sections 376 (rape), 417 (punishment for cheating) and 506 (II) (criminal intimidation), with a search for him underway. 

The actress said in her complaint that she had met Rajesh via a mutual friend a few years back. In quick time, they became good friends, with their relationship blossoming as he began visiting her on the sets of the television serials she was shooting for. Rajesh eventually made a marriage proposal, with the actress telling him that her parents would need to approve it first. Rajesh convinced the actress' parents and the couple had gotten engaged in December 2019. 

A police officer in a statement quoted from the complaint stating that Rajesh had told the actress he was working in an event management company in the city. He had also invited her to be the chief guest at a hotel in early 2020 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the actress upon her arrival at the hotel found to her surprise that there were no signs of any event, with Rajesh then informing her that it was called off at the last minute due to unexpected reasons. Eventually, the two had spent the night together at the same hotel, the officer stated. 

Rajesh started ignoring the actress a couple of weeks later after which she confronted him and asked about his plans for their marriage. He told her that he was not interested in pursuing the relationship any further. He also told her that he has recorded their private and intimate moments on video and issued her a warning that he would release them online unless she gave him a payment of Rs 10 lakhs. In her complaint, the actress mentioned that she managed to pay him Rs. 2.5 lakhs through much difficulty and had resorted to head to the police when he turned aggressive in his demand for the remainder amount.