India and Russia have for long, had a very cordial relationship but there have been some times when the relationship has been strained due to various reasons. In recent times, India's relationship with neighbours China, has been quite strained with tensions escalating along the Indo-China border. The tensions went to the extent of skirmishes, resulting in casualties on both sides, before the two Asian powerhouses engaged in talks and there has been some semblance of peace, for now. Russia and China, both believe in Communist ideologies as nations and have been considered to be close, for a number of years now!

However, if China had been counting on Russia to back it, in its issues against India, then those thoughts have been dealt a major blow now! The Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently wished the Indian President Ramnath Kovind and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for Christmas and New Year. In the message wishing the two Indian leaders, Putin has also expressed hope that Russia and India would continue making efforts towards strengthening bilateral ties, in 2021! He had also added that Moscow and Delhi should continue coordinating their efforts, addressing topical issues related to their regional, as well as global agenda! 

In the wishes, Putin had also mentioned that Russia and India were connected by relations of 'privileged strategic partnership'. A statement issued by the Kremlin, had mentioned Putin wanting Russia and India to maintain a substantive political dialogue and also quoted him as expressing, "hope that next year India and Russia would continue to work towards stepping up constructive bilateral cooperation." The India-Russia summit was cancelled earlier this year, due to the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic, and this caused China to raise questions over the relationship between the two nations. This had also been the first time since 2000 that the annual summit had been deferred and China had tried to use this opportunity to drive a wedge between India and Russia. However, this new statement from the Kremlin shows that there is no issue in the Indo-Russian relationship and that the strategic alliance remains as stable as ever.