Anthologies are the current trend in the digital space and we’ve been witnessing several anthology films in the recent past. The latest one to have joined this list is Addham, a Telugu anthology drama that has released today (October 16) on AHA OTT platform. Addham consists of three short stories, written by Siva Ananth and produced by Sujatha Narayanan and Devasena. Prasanna and Abhirami Venkatachalam play the leads in one portion, while Varalaxmi, Aadukalam Kishore and Arjun Chidambaram head the casting in another. Jayaprakash and Rohini play the leads in the third short story which is directed by Sarjun of Airaa fame. Jayaprakash plays a lorry driver in this film and we at Galatta Media got in touch with the ace actor to know more about his character and the film.

Jayaprakash was glad that he got to play a very different character through Addham. He said, “By and large, people usually call me for father roles with small variations. Barring Vamsam, most of my other characters have been similar. Thankfully, it was very different in Addham and I need to thank director Sarjun for giving me the opportunity. During the lockdown, I did not bother about my hair or beard and my face looked very dry. Sarjun, who saw my lockdown look, was immediately impressed and asked me to come directly to the spot without any look changes”.

Jayaprakash was also glad that he got to play a lorry driver since driving happens to be his passion. Shedding light on that, he said, “Basically, I love to drive. I have moved tankers during my childhood days. I know the basics of lorry driving. I just had formal training for a few hours before the shoot to understand the nuances (body language, attitude) of a lorry driver”.

Jayaprakash was all praise for director Sarjun and the production team for executing a film amidst the lockdown. “The planning was so perfect and I need to give due credits to director Sarjun and team. They made me and the other actors comfortable with their beautiful planning. We shot the driving sequences inside EVP and it was neatly shot without any chaos”, informs the Pannaiyarum Padminiyum actor.

He also adds that the audience would have come across his character through newspapers in the recent past. “The character I played is not something regular and I am sure, a lot of people would have come across such characters through newspaper articles. The best thing I like about this character is the arc that changes at the right time. My character’s revelation comes through Rohini’s dialogue and that will change the entire perspective of my character. I had to show two different shades through my expressions and it was definitely challenging and exciting. I hope I’ve done justice to my role”, said JP.

Well, it looks like Jayaprakash is indeed very happy about his presence in Addham. Jayaprakash’s portion in Addham is called ‘The Road That Never Ends’ and you can find the promo below. The film is currently streaming on AHA platform and the viewers can immediately rush to the platform to watch it.