One of the most popular and widely followed sports in the world is football! The outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, made all the countries impose lockdowns and all sporting events were either cancelled or postponed or put on hold! One of the first sports to be played behind closed doors but to return after the COVID lockdown, was football! It has also been known that the deadly Corona Virus doesn't discriminate between anybody and has infected people of all walks of life, including world leaders, famous celebrities, popular actors and leading sportsmen! One such heartbreaking news is that of world famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo having tested positive for the Corona Virus!

A statement by the Portuguese Soccer Federation has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for the Corona Virus. The statement also added that he was doing well and had no symtoms. Following the 35-year-old Portuguese captain and Juventus striker testing positive, the Federation went for another round of tests on the entire squad and all the rest of them tested negative. Portugal is set to face Sweden in the UEFA Nations League in a couple of days, in Lisbon before this shocking news came to light! The squad was scheduled to practice normally on Tuesday but this news disrupted it. Ronaldo was last seen in action this previous Sunday in Portugal's match against France, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

Latest reports state that Cristiano Ronaldo is travelling back to Italy to complete the remainder of his isolation period. He is said to be travelling by an ambulance plane from Lisbon to Turin. Ronaldo was said to have originally tested positive on Monday but a second test on Tuesday confirmed that only he had tested positive for COVID, among the whole squad. Just recently, two other Portugal players - Anthony Lopes and Jose Fonte, had also tested positive for COVID. There are speculations that pending future test results, Ronaldo might not play in the highly anticipated Serie A fixture pitting Juventus against Barcelona. The Juventus team had been in isolation after 2 of their staff members tested positive for COVID but Ronaldo and six other players were allowed to leave and rejoin their national teams! We wish Ronaldo recovers from COVID, very soon!