Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 has shown a lot of twists and turns since it began airing on October 3, with the ongoing edition featuring eighteen contestants contrary to the format of sixteen participants as was in the previous seasons. Usually, Bigg Boss Tamil has featured two wildcard contestants in the four editions that were telecast on Vijay TV and the streaming platform DisneyPlus Hotstar. In that light, Bigg Boss Tamil 5 features three wildcard contestants, with Abishek Raaja making a comeback after being evicted, while Amir, the founder of ADS dance school in Ooty, was introduced on the show as well. In that light, it came as a major surprise when popular Tamil film and television actor Sanjeev Venkat surprised the Bigg Boss 5 housemates and fans when he entered the show as the third wildcard contestant and joined in on the celebrations. 

Shortly after Vijay TV aired the first Bigg Boss 5 promo for Thursday, popular TV actor Deepak Dinkar shared a video on social media where he can be seen with Sanjeev Venkat, his wife Preethi and Venkat Subramaniam. The video was shot before Sanjeev entered the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house and shows the four having a fun time, with Sanjeev addressing viewers and telling that he's heading to be in quarantine after which he will be making his entry on the show. He goes on to speak about his mindset while entering Bigg Boss 5 and says that fans have accepted him for who he is all these years and will continue to be the same person on the show as well. Sanjeev states that he is waiting to see whether the housemates and fans will accept him on Bigg Boss Tamil 5, while also hoping that no fights take place. 

Check out Sanjeev in his last video before his entry on Bigg Boss Tamil season 5: