Arun Vijay's Sinam is his latest release and has him playing a tough and angry policeman. He has donned the khakhi once again after taking up the role of a cop previously in Kuttram 23 (2017) and the SonyLIV web series TamilRockerz. The actor has been promoting Sinam extensively and recently took part in an interview with Galatta during a drive in his car. Speaking about the film and the various stages of his life, Arun Vijay opened up in detail and talked about actor Vijay’s valuable career advice to him when he was pondering over becoming a producer. 

Arun Vijay said, "I would first like to thank Vijay sir. I feel happy to know that I'm in his thoughts. I've said this at many places about how there was a lean patch in my career after the release of Jananam for nearly two years and I had no other films. At that time, many people had told me to become a producer and approach Vijay sir and Ajith sir for their dates. I wasn't in that mindset at all. It was a surprise to me when I heard them telling me to do this and I got a little upset. They suggested 2-3 names and I called them. Of course, Ajith sir was busy at that time, but Vijay sir was there on that list. They were at the top during that period. I called up Vijay sir's manager and he informed me that he was shooting. Within three minutes, Vijay sir called back and asked me what was going on. I told him that I'd like to meet him and he asked me to visit his home later in the evening. Generally, I've never called and asked for a meeting, but when I told him I wanted to, he agreed immediately."

Speaking further about their rendezvous, Arun Vijay stated, "When I arrived at Vijay sir’s place, he came outside and greeted me personally, took me inside, and informed Sangeetha ma'am. He was so warm and I felt extremely happy because I felt a connection with him in the manner in which he greeted me. He then asked me what I wanted to speak about and I told him about how things were not working out for me in films and how there was a gap. I also told him about how some of the people around me were telling me to turn to film production and requested his dates to do a film with him. He got shocked instantly and encouraged me by telling me that I fight better than him on-screen, including in other aspects. He said he would discuss about me with his friend Sanjeev too. He told me how I'm far much better and it's just a matter of time. He motivated me to not lose heart and assured me that things will take a positive turn. Since I asked for his dates, he too said he'll discuss it with his father and let me know. But, he told me to not take heed to words being said by others and convinced me about how a day will come when there will be a positive change. I was on the verge of tears when he said those words because his praise made me emotional. We then took a break and he showed me the upper deck of his house and his gym. We had a fun conversation after that. Then, he came to my car and bid me farewell. After I got into my car, that's when I decided that I am continuing as an actor irrespective of what anyone says. When a co-star shares words like that, it gives me big encouragement. So, during that low period, he was one person who pushed me forward and I thank him."

Check out Arun Vijay's interview in the video below: