For the past few days, we have seen many film personalities from Kollywood express their disgust over the actions of the Police brutality incident took place at Sathankulam, Tamil Nadu recently were a father-son duo died in Police custody. A 31-year-old mobile shop owner (Bennix) and his father Jeyaraj (59) were taken into custody by the Sathankulam Police for keeping their shop open beyond approved timings, for being lockdown violators. Reports state that the Policemen brutalised Bennix and his father Jeyaraj and tortured them for hours and went to the extent of shoving their Police lathis into the poor victims' rectums, leading to severe bleeding. Several Kollywood films stars and even celebrities, politicians and crickets across the country have been expressing their views on the issue via social media. There was a concern raised by a section people on why leading Tamil actors like Rajinikanth, Vijay and Ajith have not done anything regarding this issue. Now we are told Rajinikanth had personally called and spoke to Jayaraj’s wife. In an official statement from Superstar’s PRO Riaz, it is said that – “Rajinikanth conveyed his heart felt condolences to Thiru #Jayaraj's wife ,Thiru #Bennix's mother over a phone call @rajinikanth #JayarajandFenix .” We are still not sure of what Rajinikanth spoke to Jayaraj’s mother. Will he provide monetary benefits to the family is something we will have to wait and see. 
A legendary actor who has long said that he would enter politics at the right time, Superstar Rajinikanth has always been questioned for not raising questions against the government when in need. He is always criticized for playing it safe and supporting people in power. Even as Rajinikanth spoke to the victims’ family over a phone call, his haters are still demanding him to make a post against the government and police department in support of people’s movement. Of the many different issues that we are coming across in these tough times, Jayaraj and Bennix death has been the biggest of all. Initially, these two deaths were blamed on health issues but protests by family members and friends lead to allegations of Police brutality and ever since there has been Public outrage from all corners. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister announced a compensation package of Rs. 20 lakhs and government jobs for the bereaved family. This issue is gaining momentum and limelight across the globe. People are referring this to Geroge Floyd’s brutal death in the USA again due to a few irresponsible police officials. We wish people use their power in a good way.