The second season of Cook with Comali is nearing its end and we are just a few days away from witnessing the grand finale of the show. The wildcard round happened last week and interestingly, two contestants were selected for the grand finale. Shakeela and Pavithra Lakshmi were the ones who won in the wildcard round and made it to the grand finale. Ahead of the finale, we will now be witnessing a celebration week, on this Saturday (April 3) and Sunday (April 4). It can be recalled that the celebration week happened in the first season as well and during that time, the finalists brought their family members and friends along with them.

The same pattern is followed for this season's celebration week, as well, but with a small twist. Not just the finalists, all the contestants have been asked to take part in this celebration week and it is going to be an exciting watch. Vijay TV had released the promo for the weekend episode yesterday (March 31) and the promos have already gone viral among the fans. The promos tell us that coming weekend is going to be high on fun and laughter, as always. We also get to see the partners of the contestants. Ashwin is seen along with Sandy Master, while Pavithra has come along with her friend, Sudharsan. Dharsha, Rithika, Dheepa, will be seen along with their respective family members.

Kani Thiru has partnered with her younger sister and actress Niranjani (of Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal fame). While these promos have definitely made us smile, a section of the audience is sad for a particular reason. Through the promos, it looks like we will not be seeing Baba Baskar Master in the upcoming weekend episodes of Cook With Comali and the news has now come as a disappointment for the fans. Baba Baskar is someone who lights up the entire show with his vibrant and energetic character and he makes sure to entertain the audience. We see the other eight contestants in the promo and it is only Baba Baskar Master whom we don't get to see.

Among the Comalis, the one who is missing is Manimegalai and it looks like she is yet to bounce back into the show. A few weeks before, Manimegalai had injured her leg at her house and her absence has definitely created a void in the show. Let us hope to see both Baba Baskar Master and Manimegalai in the grand finale!