The entire world was taken aback when new mutated strains of the deadly Corona Virus began being reported from various countries across the world. The strain found in the UK has been spreading rapidly and some reports state that it spreads about 70% faster than the original COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus. Many other nations have identified cases of the new strain of the Corona Virus and have once again began shutting their borders to international travellers, while also undertaking contact tracing to identify the passengers who had already embarked on their shores, in the recent past. All this happening on one side, the Indian government had been testing such passengers and sending the samples of those who tested positive for COVID, for further analysis, specifically genome sequencing!

The CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad, is one of the 10 centres in India, which are tracing the new strain of the Corona Virus. A new report from CCMB states that the new Corona Virus strain shows 17 mutations in its genetic material, with 8 of these affecting the much talked about spike protein, which is considered to be the main factor behind this new strain of the Virus being 70% more infectitious. The report from CCMB also goes on to state, that these mutations have not worsened the symptoms of the Corona Virus in any way, nor impeded the vaccine research. This new strain of the Corona Virus, which is being called B.1.1.7, was first reported in the UK, in September and is now said to be the reason behind 60% of all Corona Virus infections in the country, as of now!

The presence of this new strain of the Corona Virus in India, has been confirmed in recent times and a number of cases have also been detected across the country. The Indian government has ordered the tracking and testing of the 33,000 estimated passengers who reached Indian shores from the UK, between November 25th and December 23rd! After revealing the details of the 17 mutation in the genome of the new strain of the Corona Virus, the authorities at the CCMB have also added that the means of protecting oneself, remains very much the same. They reiterated the use of face masks, sanitisers and the need to maintain social distancing. Reports also state that the testing protocol for this new strain of the virus, also remains the same but the authorities have cautioned that it definitely spreads faster than the original corona virus! Stay safe people!