Popular video jockey turned actor Rio is currently inside the Bigg Boss house and he has been playing quite a good game. He is expected to be one of the finalists of this season, along with four others and we will know the final list in another two weeks of time. The housemates are meeting their family members this week and it is going to be an exciting week ahead. In last night's episode, we saw Shivani's mother and Balaji's brother coming into the house. In today's (Dec 30) episode, we will be seeing Ramya's family and Rio Raj's wife entering the Bigg Boss house. In today's earlier released promo, we saw a glimpse of Rio's wife Sruthi's presence in the Bigg Boss house.

Rio instantly ran to Sruthi after he saw her and both of them hugged each other tightly. The beautiful exchange of emotions looked heartwarming and it looks like tonight's episode is going to be interesting. When everyone expected Rio's wife and daughter to enter the Bigg Boss house, only Sruthi was seen. The couple's daughter, Rithi, was not seen in the promo and this created a confusion among the fans. Rio has always expressed his love for his daughter, Rithi, and we have seen him kiss Rithi and Sruthi's picture, every morning once he wakes up. Since Rithi was not seen, there were several questions from fans.

Sruthi has now clarified that she did not take her daughter Rithi to Bigg Boss house due to the Covid-19 protocols. Considering the fact that Rithi is less than a year old, it was not advisable for her to take her daughter inside. Sruthi's clarification statement read, "Hi guys.. A lot of people msged me asking why I dint take Rithi.. I couldn't take Rithi papa inside due to Corona protocol, as she is below 1 year.". Similarly, Sruthi also reacted in a funny way to a fake YouTube thumbnail that suggested her entry inside the Bigg Boss house along with Rithi.

Sruthi shared the fake thumbnail image and had a hearty laugh about it. Sruthi must indeed be happy about meeting her husband, Rio after 3 long months. Check out the screenshots of Sruthi Ravi's clarification statement here: