The Christmas season is one that brings joy to people all over the world! Children and elders alike, look forward to the gifts that Santa Claus brings for them! However, this year doesn't seem to have been all that great for some people in Belgium, who were paid a visit by Santa Claus! This too, has been brought on by the COVID pandemic, after the Santa Claus turned out to be infected with the Corona Virus. A person who had dressed up as Santa Claus, visited a Care Home for the elderly in Belgium, as part of Christmas celebrations earlier in December. The person had not been aware that he had been infected by the Corona Virus, before he visited the home! 

This event happened at the Hemelrijck Care Home in the Mol region of Belgium and since the Santa Claus's visit, the death toll has touched 18 so far, at the home for the elderly. The latest casualties happened on Christmas eve and Christmas Day, when 5 people breathed their last. Reports state that 121 residents and 36 staff members of the home, have been affected by the Virus so far. After about 3 days from his visit to the Care Home, the Santa Claus tested positive for COVID. A number of lab tests were conducted to ascertain the reason behind the infection spread at the home and when there were no plausible reasons, the Santa Claus's visit was zeroed down as the most probable reason.

The management of the Care Home have said that the person who came as Santa and his helpers have access to the residents of the home at all times and not just on this occasion. The mayor of the region - Wim Caeyers, stated that "We're expecting up to ten difficult days. Several laboratories are currently trying to determine the source of the infections, but I have not yet received results. This therefore remains uncertain for the moment." Authorities have mobilised doctors and paramedics to control this sudden new outbreak, in the town having 35,000 residents. The Santa Claus visit was expected to boost the morale of the Home residents but it has turned out to become a Superspreader event!