When the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic broke out, there was little that the people could do, as the biggest weapon against the Virus (not any medicine or vaccine) - knowledge about the Virus, was literally non-existant! People did not know what the Virus was, what it would do, or what they should and shouldn't do, to remain safe. By the time, the basic knowledge about the Virus became common knowledge, the deadly Corona Virus had almost spread to all corners of the world and had been claiming lives, left, right and centre! Now, after months of fighting the Virus, we have been armed with a massive weapon - vaccines, to immunise ourselves against it! Unfortunately, the Corona Virus seems to be quite the adversary and just as the vaccinations have begun around the world, reports of a mutated new strain of the Corona Virus spreading rapidly across UK, have been hitting the headlines!

This has created quite a panic across the world, for people are not sure how different the new mutated strain of the Corona Virus is, from the original COVID-19! Also, now people are wondering if the recently identified vaccines would provide immunity against the new mutated strains of the Corona Virus. This has become the biggest question, across the world, even as countries like the USA, UK, Bahrain, Canada and a few others have approved the Emergency Use of the COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Inc. Now, as a means of reassurance, Moderna has stated that the immunity developed from its' vaccine candidate against the COVID-19 Corona Virus, is expected to be protective against the new variants of the Corona Virus.

Moderna Inc has also revealed that it is planning to run tests for its vaccine candidate against the new strains of the Corona Virus, to check its efficiency not just against this new strain emerging in the UK, but all new strains in general. A press release issued by Moderna Inc. reads, "While we plan to run tests to confirm the activity of the vaccine against any strain, the broad range of potential neutralising antibodies made possible by the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine provides confidence that our vaccine will also be effective at inducing neutralising antibodies against them." The US-based Moderna Inc., has assured that it would be conducting further tests in the coming weeks to ensure that its vaccine is effective against the new strain of the Corona Virus.