After months of struggling against the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus, humanity recently heaved a sigh of relief when research breakthroughs came up with potent vaccines against the deadly Virus! Even now, the number of lives lost to this Virus has cross 1.5 million worldwide and the number of people being infected is still going up with each passing day. Not everybody can get the vaccine immediately and before that, quite a number of people are sure to continue getting infected but now we have the hope that soon, the vaccines would reach the common people too! However, over the past few days, there have been reports of a new mutated strain of the Corona Virus, which has been spreading rapidly, across the United Kingdom!

Due to this new Virus scare, over 40 countries, including the neighbours of the UK have temporarily suspended travel to and from there! Despite that, there have been reports of the new strain of the Corona Virus having already crossed over into a few other nations. Thankfully, due to the immediate action of the authorities, the new strain of the Virus has not spread majorly as yet. Even as everybody is fighting hard to control the spread of the original Corona Virus and this new mutated strain that has emerged in the UK, there is some shocking news for people. A totally new, differently mutated strain of the COVID-19 Corona Virus, has now been detected to be spreading in South Africa. This was identified after two people, who were contacts of travellers from South Africa, tested positive in Britain. 

The British Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed this news and stated, "Thanks to the impressive genomic capability of the South Africans, we've detected two cases of another new variant of coronavirus here in the UK." Since then, the UK has placed strict travel restrictions to South Africa. As if these were not enough, there are now reports of a fourth different strain of the Corona Virus, emerging in Nigeria! The Head of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has told reporters in Nigeria that a new variant of the Corona Virus, with "a separate lineage from the UK and South Africa", has been detected in Nigeria. However, he has stated that its still too early to say and has asked for time to verify and confirm. However, the recent surge in Africa is said to be majorly due to the new strain of the COVID, emerging from South Africa! Stay safe folks!