KGF: Chapter 2 is a film that has managed to excite the fans ever since its beginning, thanks to the mammoth success of the first part. KGF: Chapter 1 took the entire country by storm and it was a fantastic hit at the box office. The film, which was originally made in Kannada, had a dubbed release in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam. The film was a massive hit and it received the love of the audience. When KGF ended, the makers left a lead for the second part and the sequel was always in the plan. The film also made Yash, a pan-Indian star, earning wide popularity. 

After a long and patient wait for more than 2 years, KGF: Chapter 2 is now finally a few steps away from its grand theatrical release. The film's entire shooting was wrapped up a few days before and the makers are currently concentrating on the post-production works. 

The highly anticipated teaser of the film was announced to release tomorrow, on January 8, marking the hero Yash's birthday. The fans were eagerly looking forward to the teaser and celebrations were planned on social media. Unfortunately, the teaser got leaked and it started to spread on social media. To control the leak, the makers have now released the teaser officially to everyone's surprise. The teaser looks fantastic and has all the elements to make the fans go crazy. Yash's screen presence is electrifying and there is high amount of mass and power in every single shot. 

Check out the official teaser of Yash's KGF: Chapter 2 here: