Vijay Television has been airing several popular Tamil serials on their channel over the years, with their streaming partner DisneyPlus Hotstar also making the shows mighty popular among the young and the elderly alike. Among the shows that have gained immense popularity is Barathi Kannamma, which is currently in its second season and has aired over 600 episodes to date. The biggest USP of the show has been actress Roshni Haripriyan as the titular character Kannamma and has played the role for the 642 episodes that have been telecast so far. 

There had been speculation regarding Roshni Haripriyan leaving Barathi Kannamma for a while now, with several other notable names from the Tamil television industry doing the rounds as a replacement for her character on the show. In that light, popular actress Vinusha Devi's name too had popped up as a replacement for Roshni's character Kannamma, with a wide range of opinions floating on social media. Having said that, Vijay TV has now officially released a new promo for Barathi Kannamma that shows Vinusha as the titular character and formally being introduced to viewers as the new Kannamma on Barathi Kannamma. 

There has been a wide response to Vinusha Devi replacing Roshni Haripriyan on Barathi Kannamma as fans have been expressing their views to the latest promo from Vijay TV. So far, there has been no statement from Roshi regarding her exit from the show, while there have also been reports stating that she has landed a role in an upcoming film. It is to be noted that Barathi Kannamma in Tamil is an adaptation of the hit Malayalam serial Karuthamuthu and has since also been made in Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Hindi. 

Watch Vinusha Devi replacing Roshni Haripriyan as Kannamma on Barathi Kannamma in the new Vijay TV promo below: