The husband-wife singing duo Rajalakshmi and Senthil shot to stardom after their participation in Super Singer 2018 and have since been mesmerizing fans across Tamil Nadu with their songs. Although Rajalakshmi went on to be eliminated from the smash hit Vijay TV reality singing TV show, her husband Senthil came out with flying colors to take home the title that season. Post the Super Singer victory, the popular singing couple have been entertaining fans with their skills by performing at various stage shows in Tamil Nadu, including participating in overseas events. 

The singing superstars have since also sung a number of hit Tamil films songs, but are now embroiled in a controversy after a popular folk singer named Madurai Malli in a television interview alleged that Rajalakshmi Senthil claimed at a recent stage performance that her sister Kalaivani had composed and sung a song titled "Maaamuna Solla". Madurai Malli had stated that she is the creative force behind the song and would commit suicide if Rajalakshmi failed to issue an apology. Soon after, controversy had erupted with many sharing the news on social media, which came to Rajalakshmi's attention, who has now given a clarification on the issue in a separate video on a YouTube channel. 

Rajalakshmi in her clarification stated that the video that was broadcast on a popular Tamil news channel was from a stage performance for a Sivan Temple function, which showed her introducing her sister Kalaivani and also mentioning that she had composed the song in debate. She further added that a YouTube channel had edited two different videos and made it look and sound as a single video that implied that the song was composed by her sister Kalaivani. Rajalakshmi then clears the air by furnishing the original video footage, which shows that she is not mentioning anything about the song. She then went on to add that the YouTube channel that made the claims has since deleted the video, while also issuing an apology to her.

Watch Rajalakshmi Senthil's clarification video below: