The world of social media takes even the smallest of things and makes them go viral, if enough people are interested in it! One of the things that has gone viral on social media is the photos of a small Indonesian village which has been engulfed in blood red waters! Images of people driving vehicles on and people walking in blood red flood waters, have been going viral and being circulated across the world by netizens! This has been both amazing as-well-as terrifying. Here, we bring you the details behind the blood red flood waters, which has taken the internet by storm!

The place from where these viral photos originated is a village called Jenggot in Indonesia. This small village is a Batik manufacturing hub and when flood waters hit one of the Batik factories in the vicinity, the dyes from there mixed with the water and caused the blood red flooding. This village, which is located to the South of the Pekalongan City in Central Java has become famous after a number of photos and videos of the floods went viral first on Twitter. There have been a flurry of various responses with some Twitter users telling that the crimson red waters were terrifying for them, reminding them of blood. 

Some people reacted to the photos, expressing hope that miscreants did not make use of these photos to claim the end of the world or spread fear among the people, claiming bloody rains and other such. Pekalongan City is famous for manufacturing Batik which is a traditional method of using wax on fabric to make them resistant to water based dyes, while depicting designs and patterns on fabrics. Even earlier, the rivers in Pekalongan have been seen in different colours, based on the dyes that flow into them. Some Twitter users slammed the Batik manufacturers for using chemical dyes which affect the environment and have been demanding them to use more natural dyes.