Veteran playback singer S Janaki who recently made the headline because of a new death hoax. Janaki amma as she is fondly called is one of the common victims of irresponsible journalism. She has been killed by the media 2 to 3 times in the past already and was been subject to another death hoax a couple of days ago. We got in touch with Janaki’s official PRO Diamond Babu to get a clarity on the issue who cleared the air stating Veteran singer S Janaki is very much alive, has just undergone a minor surgery. Janaki’s son Murali Krishna has updated this information to Diamond Babu. Janaki had been declared dead by the media in 2018 and twice before. Now Janaki amma herself has issued an audio statement in Telugu to let people know that she is doing fine. Here is the English translation to her statement: 
“I am just minding my business and living without interfering in anything. I am not even in Hyderabad, currently, I reside in Mysore. I am so healthy and first class and I don’t have any problem with my health. I don’t know who, but someone has been constantly spreading unwanted rumours about me and my health. So many fans of mine have got hurt hearing this false news, they have been calling me and crying. I am completely held up and occupied clarifying and consoling all of them. I have been telling that I am fine, I am perfectly normal, don’t worry. They call me worried about hearing fake news. I don’t know who is behind such lame activities and what pleasure do they get from spreading these unwanted rumours without knowing the actual truth. At least when it comes to such death news, they can get in touch with people, know the truth before spreading the news on sensitive topics like this. Hope all of you are fine, I am hearing that the cases in Hyderabad have increased rapidly. So, please be careful and safe and thank you very much for all your love and support.”