The fourth season  of Bigg Boss Tamil is underway and off to a spectacular start as the 16 contestants participating were revealed on Sunday. Among them include Rio Raj, Shivani Narayanan, Samyuktha Shanmuganathan, Ramya Pandian, Gabriella, Aajeedh, Balaji Murugadoss, Som Shekhar, Suresh Chakravarthy, Aranthangi Nisha, Anitha Sampath, Sanam Shetty, Jithan Ramesh, Aari, singer Velmurugan and Rekha. With the new season of Bigg Boss currently in progress, Day 1 saw plenty of action, including fun and games, while also teasing us tension surrounding the hugely popular Shivani Narayanan.

On Day 2 of Bigg Boss Tamil season season 4, Vijay TV has released the first promo, which shows us the contestants interacting with Shivani Narayanan and encouraging her to be free and remain jolly with them. We see model and fitness expert Balaji Murugadoss and boxer Som Shekar uplift her morale by informing her that she has a massive fan following on Instagram to which we witness her laughing out from the bottom of her heart. The promo then goes on to show Shivani sitting and speaking with Aari, Samyuktha Shanmuganathan and once again with Balaji Murugadoss. This time, we see her telling them that she does not have any game plan as being assumed and is going forward accordingly to what she feels like doing. Aari then tells her that she puts up a video on her social media pages every day, while questioning her the reason behind such an action. Towards the end, we observe Shivani thinking about the answer she will be replying to, before the promo comes to an end. 

The first of the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 day 2 promos shows us that the upcoming episode later towards the end of the day will focus heavily on Shivani, who is undoubtedly one of the major crowd-pullers in this edition. We can expect her to speak out in detail, with her fellow contestants as well sharing their wisdom. Although the mood in the Bigg Boss camp this year so far has been relatively calm and composed, we can feel the tension building slowly as Shivani is emerging to be the biggest highlight. The upcoming two promos later in the day could probably delve deeper into the discussion between Shivani and the rest of the Bigg Boss 4 housemates, while also teasing plenty more that could be happening behind those closed doors. 

Watch the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | 6th October 2020 - Promo 1 below: