The sixth edition of Bigg Boss Tamil has crossed 20 days and is holding a good level of buzz on social media. The show kickstarted with a total of 20 contestants, with an addition of 1 wildcard entrant, and the list included GP Muthu, Azeem, Ayesha, Dhanalakshmi, Nivaashini, Queency, VJ Maheshwari, VJ Kathirravan, Vikraman, Amuthavanan, Manikanta Rajesh, Shanthi Arvind, Robert Master, Rachitha Mahalakshmi, Janany, Sherina, Ram Ramasamy, Asal Kolaar, ADK, Shivin Ganesan, and Myna Nandhini. Among the 21 contestants, GP Muthu walked out of the house and Shanthi was evicted from last weekend's episode.

That said, details regarding the evicted contestant of this weekend are known and here is the update. As expected, Asal Kolaar has been evicted from the Bigg Boss house with least number of votes and his eviction has garnered buzz among the netizens. Asal Kolaar who is best known for his viral hit song, 'Jorthaale', entered the house amidst high expectations, but he failed to meet the expectations of the masses. He was widely criticized by the netizens for his flirtatious behaviour towards the women in the house and several visuals went viral on social media. Asal Kolaar, however, was a good entertainer.

He was quite close with Nivaa and their bond became stronger in the last few days and it is going to be difficult for her to continue the game without him. We can expect a strong emotional episode tomorrow (Oct 30). Asal Kolaar is the second contestant to be evicted from this season after Shanthi and we hope he shifts gears towards music and delivers quality independent tracks in the coming days. Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 6 is being aired on Vijay TV from 10 PM - 11 PM on weekdays and from 9.30 PM - 11 PM on the weekends. The show is also available to stream 24*7 on the Disney Hotstar OTT platform.