The sixth edition of Bigg Boss Tamil has begun in style and problems have kickstarted in the house in the opening week itself. It has been just 4 days since the show started, but the last two days have been quite interesting with fights and misunderstandings already falling into place between contestants. One of the fights that has been garnering wide attention among the masses is that of the one between GP Muthu and Dhanalakshmi. The makers of the show have released a new promo and this promo showcases the argument between GP Muthu and Dhanalakshmi getting nasty. Dhanalakshmi's words seem to have hurt GP Muthu who is seen getting emotional and shedding tears.

We see Muthu crying and getting hurt since Dhanalakshmi claimed that he is acting in front of the camera. Muthu says he sees Dhanalakshmi as his daughter and hearing these comments coming from her makes him feel worried. We see other contestants like VJ Kathirravan, Sherina, and Rachitha, consoling Muthu. It looks like the fight between GP Muthu and Dhanalakshmi will be one of the talking points of the weekend episode featuring Kamal Haasan and all eyes are already on how the legendary host is going to sort out the issue.

The promo has garnered wide attention on social media and has made people empathize with Muthu. GP Muthu is one of the main star attractions of this season and his innocence is being loved by the masses. This emotional outburst of him has made the fans also emotional. Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 6 has started with a total of 20 contestants that includes GP Muthu, Asal Kolaar, Shivin Ganesan, Azeem, VJ Kathirravan, VJ Maheshwari, Rachitha Mahalakshmi, Nivaa, Dhanalakshmi, Sherina, Vikraman, Manikanta Rajesh, Shanthi Arvind, Robert Master, Amudhavanan, Ayesha, ADK, Janany, Queency, Ram Ramasamy.

The show is being aired from 10 PM - 11 PM on Vijay TV and is also available to stream 24*7 on the Disney Hotstar platform. Check out the trending promo here: