The sixth edition of Bigg Boss Tamil is currently underway and the show has picked up on a great note. The controversies and fights have started to play out between various contestants and there is loads of drama going inside. The show kicked off with a total of 20 contestants that included GP Muthu, Azeem, Asal Kolaar, VJ Kathirravan, VJ Maheswari, Vikraman, Rachitha Mahalakshmi, Queency, Nivaa, ADK, Amudhavanan, Shanthi Arvind, Robert Master, Shivin Ganesan, Sherina, Dhanalakshmi, Ram Ramasamy, Ayesha, Janany, and Manikanta Rajesh. Myna Nandhini joined the show as a wildcard contestant.

Among the 21 people, GP Muthu walked out of the house and Shanthi was evicted last week. One more eviction will take place this weekend. With this being the scenario in Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 6, the Telugu version of Bigg Boss is also currently progressing in its sixth season. A total of 21 contestants were sent inside the Telugu Bigg Boss house and it includes Aditya, Adi, Faima, Geetu, Inaya, Keerthi, Raj, Marina, Revanth, Rohit, Shrihan, Sri, Surya, Vasanthi, Arjun, Sudeepa, Arohi, Neha, Chanti, Abhinaya, and Shani.

The show is progressing in an interesting manner and meanwhile, a visual of two contestants kissing inside the Bigg Boss house has turned viral on social media among the netizens. Yes! Marina Abraham and Rohit Sahni were spotted kissing inside the BB house and the visuals of the same have been doing rounds. The housemates or fans, however, were not taken aback by this, since Marina and Rohit have been married since 2017.

The star couple fell in love while working on serials and they got married in 2017. The couple has now taken part in the sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu and they have garnered good attention with their presence in the house. Meanwhile, in Tamil, we are just starting to see something brewing between Asal Kolaar and Nivaa and we will have to wait and see where it goes.