In an unexpected turn of events, GP Muthu has walked out of Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 6, and his exit has come as a total shocker for people across the globe. GP Muthu entered the sixth edition of Bigg Boss Tamil as one of the participants and he was a star contestant indeed. He managed to hold a huge fan base and many people watched the show just for him. He took one and all by surprise by actively participating in all of the activities and tasks in the Bigg Boss house and interestingly, he was even the Captain of the house for the first week.

Everything with regard to his position in the game was strong and set and he was expected to be one of the strong contenders to be a finalist. However, being an emotional person who couldn't be away from his son and family, GP Muthu made his way out of the house. He saw the larger things at stake and made the decision to step out of the game. For the last 5-6 days, GP Muthu has been missing his family so much and we saw glimpses of his rants and emotional lows in the episodes. During last night's (Oct 22) weekend episode, Kamal Haasan spoke personally to GP Muthu in the confession room, and during the conversation, Muthu expressed his heartfelt feelings about his son, informing that he wants to see his son and be with him.

Muthu mentioned that his family and his son matter to him the most than all the fame, and popularity, and apologized to all of his fans and well-wishers for parting mid-way. An emotionally charged GP Muthu bid goodbye to the audience and left the show last night. The housemates were also equally shocked by his exit. At the same time, GP Muthu has also earned the unanimous love of the masses for his humane nature. GP Muthu's exit will be an important moment of this season and let us hope to see him soon again through his YouTube videos.