Tamil cinema over the years has churned out some beautiful movies that were loved by many. With theatres attracting more and more people than ever before, we thought it would be perfect to see re-release some of our old hit films that can pull in audiences even today. While some did not gain the traction they needed during its release and later attained cult status upon their digital and television release, those films can have a re-release in theatres now. Movies like Aayurathil Oruvan, Pudhupettai and Sivaji: The Boss have had rereleases in the past and they managed to garner very good traction. Recently, Anbe Sivam was re-released and saw may people coming in to theatres to watch it. Let us, therefore, look at some films that would attract audiences if rereleased: 


Thalapathy Vijay wowed the audience in this 2004 masala action film. The film checked off all the boxes to be a great film and ended up performing so well that it ended up running for over 200 days at the box office. It is considered to be one of Vijay's best performances to date and also emerged as one of the highest-collecting films. It also attained a cult status eventually. If released once again, the film will once lure in more audiences who are bound to love it, and just like that, through word of mouth, movie lovers will be flocking into theatres. The current youth audience who would've been kids during the initial release of Ghilli would be willing to get a theatrical experience. 


On the other hand, his 2005 romantic comedy film Sachein also garnered positive reviews and has a special fan following. It featured Vijay as a chirpy college student and this fun-loving film is definitely a go-to for some light-hearted humor and soulful film. If rereleased, audiences will be able to connect with the film more now given its nature, story, performances, etc. One can also not forget the audience's interest to see a sequel of Sachein. 


Ajith Kumar starrer 1999 romantic action film Amarkalam received positive reviews from the critics and the audience upon its release. Given that he has a massive fanbase, if the film were to hit the screens again it would be a great treat for all. With Shalini playing the female lead, people will also be able to witness when the real-life couple got to romance each other for the first time on the big screen. Amarkalam was the first film that showcased the action side of Ajith in full force and it was enjoyed by the audiences.


His 2001 action film Dheena will also run well if released once more. Other than being a good movie, the film is also A. R. Murugadoss' debut as a director. Therefore, it will serve as a treat for both fans of the actor and director as it will be great to watch the former in theatres while awaiting the release of Thunivu, and fans of the latter can see the director's roots and the film he made to be where he is today. It is also the film that gave the tag 'Thala' to Ajith. The film has a special place in the hearts of hardcore AK fans and one can surely expect the film to take the box office by storm even today.

5) AYAN:

Suriya's 2009 crime action film Ayan was a solo blockbuster when it was first released. The film was very well received upon its release by fans and critics alike for its performances, story, music, and death-defying stunts. Ayan was one of those films that had its commercial packaging at its best, thereby becoming a film that has the potential for several rewatches. It's a great film that if rereleased, one can kick back and have a blast watching while snacking on a huge bag of popcorn and a drink.


The 2003 action thriller film Kaakha Kaakha was a big hit for not just Suriya but for director Gautham Vasudev Menon as well as the film went on to become a major breakthrough for both. It was also Suriya's first biggest blockbuster and owing to its commercial success, the film was later remade in several languages. If the film were to be released once again, its reception will definitely be positive and will therefore knock it out of the park. Wouldn't the fans be excited to see Anbuchelvan on the big screen again? 


The 2006 neo-noir action thriller film Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu opened to positive reviews and became a smash hit at the box office. Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan's finely calibrated as DCP Raghavan was something that the audience could not take their eyes off as he laces his portrayal with dignity, grace, and dry wit. If released now, the film will garner the same response, if not more. 


His 2004 action drama film Virumaandi is a cult classic in all forms. The film won high critical acclaim and was praised for its non-linear screenplay and performances of the cast. It was a film that gave a unique movie-watching experience for the fans and showcased an intense side of Kamal Haasan. Virumaandi was a film that stood high in terms of filmmaking and presentation and we can expect the film to go full house even if re-released today.  


This 1999 film starring Superstar Rajinikanth was dearly loved by the audience so much so that It became Tamil cinema's highest-grossing film at that point. It was the first Tamil film to get a worldwide theatrical release. If the film were to release now, it would have people flocking in to catch this mass blockbuster. Given that Rajinikanth's fandom has only grown extensively, the film can be expected to have screens made available for a reasonable period of time. 


This Silambarasan TR starrer psychological romantic thriller emerged successful despite facing competition from veterans on Deepavali weekend of 2004. The film was received favourably and had a blockbuster run at the box office for over 150 days at the time of its release. Its success led the film to be remade into other languages as well. The film is still known and loved and if it were to release today once again, Manmadhan is sure to steal the hearts of its many viewers. 


2007's action thriller film Polladhavan starring Dhanush received a tremendously positive response especially among bike lovers as it popularized the Bajaj Pulsar among the youth audience. The film was also lauded for its screenplay and the performance of the cast. Polladhavan was later remade in a number of languages, owing to its success. If rereleased, the film will do well among the youths once again as there are a lot of relatable factors to it. Interestingly, it is Vetri Maaran's directorial debut, a director who is now one of the most sought-after.


His 2014 comedy-drama film VIP received positive critical reception upon its release and was later remade in other languages due to its immense success. It will be equally successful if released now as the film caters to its viewers as it is a pure unadulterated masala laced with all essential ingredients that will surely work with mass audiences. It will also have countless Dhanush fans running to theatres. 

13) SAAMY:

This action masala film starring Chiyaan Vikram serves as a pretext to spark off several skirmishes and bombastic dialogues. It was also a film that had a highly engaging screenplay which kept the audience hooked to their seats throughout its runtime. It has some of the most fantastic action scenes and will cater to the no holds barred action addicts if it were rereleased now. 


This Karthi-starrer 2007 romantic drama film took the audience by surprise out of the blue upon its release. Being his feature film debut, Karthi showed off his acting prowess and range for which he garnered great praise while the film itself received universal critical acclaim. If this gripping tale narrated with skill and imagination were rereleased now, the audience will love it for its rural landscape as no such films at that time were able to capture the authentic essence of that region. 


This Vijay Sethupathi starrer black comedy crime film which was released back in 2013 was a film that brought sheer joy to its viewers. Everything is organic, the events rooted in a nutty story and sprouting through a brilliant screenplay that is only complimented by the brilliant performances given by its cast. The film already has a pretty decent cult following and if rereleased, it is only going to increase even more. 


This action film was released back in 2005 to rave reviews and became one of the huge hits of that year, running for more than 200 days in theatres. It was declared a blockbuster at the box office and a cult film for the action film genre. The film will get a lot of attention if it were to release now as it is a well-packaged film without any big stars or unwanted sentiments. 


Though this 2004 political action film did not get a very good reception upon its release, the film managed to gather a cult following through the years. This in turn converted to some good numbers which led to the film emerging once again from the shadows. If released now, the film is bound to have the audience flock into theatres to catch this gem of a movie that was directed by Mani Ratnam, with the intention to deliver a new style of commercial cinema. The non-linear storytelling is one of the USPs of the movie. 


This 2002 Vijayakanth-starrer is an engrossing vigilante action crime drama that overflows with sharp dialogues against the corrupt system and is shot stylishly by director A. R. Murugadoss. The film was a smash hit at the box office. Captain Vijayakanth, though out of acting, still has a massive fanbase and if this film was to hit the theatres once again, it would have his entire fanbase at the theatre to catch their main man back on the big screen. 


This 1999 political action thriller film starring Action King Arjun enjoyed positive critical acclaim and emerged as one of the top-grossing Tamil films of that year. The film ran for over 100 days in theaters and won awards on a regional scale because of which it was remade by Bollywood. If it were to be rereleased now, the audience will connect with the film since it presented its plot about a social problem magnificently with director Shankar approaching a serious social issue with a touch of various entertainment elements added to it.


This 2001 romantic film opened to positive reviews and became a commercial success because of which it was later made in various other languages. This GVM film would do wonders if re-released now as it still holds a great fan following. The film will also resonate with the youth since the film has a lot of verve and vigor which will result in it surely going down well with college-going youngsters.