Popular Tamil actress VJ Chithra died at the young age of 29 on December 9 in a hotel room in Chennai's Nazrathpet, with the nature of her death raising a lot of debate. Chithu's husband and entrepreneur Hemanth was arrested after six days from the Pandian Stores' actress' death for alleged abetment to her suicide, with the investigation still ongoing for more details. The news of Chithra’s death has since left many in the Tamil film and television industry shocked, with fans still questioning the circumstances that led to her demise as it has been revealed that tensions had risen between the actress and Hemnath prior to her suicide. 

Meanwhile, Chithra's parents have been demanding justice over their daughter's shocking death during an interaction with the media and also spoke on their relationship with Hemnath's family before and after the recent tragic incident. Chithu's parents were posed the query whether they received the post-mortem report of their daughter and revealed that they have not gotten any details till now. Chithra's father Kamaraj said, "We have been under a lot of mental torture. We didn't go out anywhere since her death. When we go out, there is a lot of unnecessary talk going on. Some are saying good, while others are speaking bad things too. There is a following for such talk also." Chithu's mother then added, "We are able to speak properly only today. There is so much that has happened and we are trying to come out of it. What happened to Chithra, only God and Hemnath know. Even we do not know the truth now."

Chithra's mother also stated that her daughter could not have taken her life, but was killed. "This is not a suicide, but a murder. We don't have any fear. We have lost our beloved daughter. We raised her like a son. She was always fearless. She only used to take me to places whenever we went out of Chennai," she said. An emotional Chithra's mother continued, "I believed that Hemnath is a good person. But, I can't accept this betrayal. I never expected him to do this." Chithu's father then added, "I have belief in the law and I'm confident we will get support. We only want justice." 

Watch below VJ Chithu's Parents Shocking Speech in full: